Model CL560
Operation System Linux OS
DVI Input Port 1-4
SDI Input Port 1-4
Support resolution: 720p@50@60, 1080i@50@60, 1080p@25@30@50@60
DVI Input Port 5 HDMI & DVI digit signal supported resolution: 800*600@60 to 1920*1200@60
VGA analog signal supported resolution: 800*600@60 to 1600*1200@60
HDMI Output Port 1 1920*1080@50@60
HDMI Output Port 2 1280*720@60 , 1920*1080@50@60
Audio Input Port Mic input: Phoenix, RCA Line input: Phoenix, 3.5mm
Encoding Video: H.264 High Profile
Audio: AAC
File Format Standard MP4
Management Webpage, Front Panel Button, Software Client
Audio Bit Rate 96Kbps
Audio Sample Rate 44.1KHz
Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Storage 2TB by default, can be upgraded to 8TB maximum
Power DC12V, 2A, 60W
Dimensions 430mm*335mm*44.5mm (L*W*H)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%
Working Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 80℃

Front Panel:

No. Component Statement
1 Record Press to start recording
2 Pause Press to pause recording or pause local playback
3 Stop Press to stop recoding or stop local playback
4 Playback Press to get the file list for playback
5 Screenshot Reserved
6 Download Download file to USB device from the unit HDD
7 USB3.0 Connect USB device for recording or download files
8 Knob Select file and confirm for playback and download

Rear Panel:

No. Connector Statement
1 Line IN Line in audio input
2 MIC IN Mic in audio input
3 Line IN/OUT The above row is for 1* Line out
The below row is for 1*Line in and 1* Mic in
4 Line OUT Audio output
5 Control Port The fourth and fifth are reserved
6 Control Port For camera PTZ control
7 Power Switch Power on/off the unit
8 SDI IN 1 SDI signal input
9 DVI IN 1 DVI signal input
10 SDI IN 2 SDI signal input
11 DVI IN 2 DVI signal input
8 SDI IN 3 SDI signal input
13 DVI IN 3 DVI signal input
14 SDI IN 4 SDI signal input
15 DVI IN 4 DVI signal input
16 DVI IN 5 Connect with PC / laptop signal
17 HDMI OUT 1 Output live streaming image
18 HDMI OUT 2 Output local playback image
19 USB Port Connect USB device or mouse
20 LAN RJ45 for connect with LAN cable
21 Reset Reset unit to backup system
22 Power IN DV 12V/2A power input

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