Media Master Bee8+

Bee8+ is a kind of high-performance video recording and playing based on the latest video processing chip. The device integrates high-definition video, audio, VGA, USB and other interfaces, automatically recognizes the signal source, records and generates general MP4 format video files. The system can easily realize the PC, tablet computer and other multi-point cooperative management control, can cooperate with the Reach Media Center Pro platform to carry on the Internet direct broadcast, supports the Android, iOS and other mobile terminals to share the resources.


Records and streams up to 4K( 3840*2610@60 ) video and presentation content

Simple one-button recording

Simultaneous multiple control options from local control to external control via Crestron, Telnet or Serial control. A free iPad app is available from the App Store to allow you to control camera movement, screen arrangement, and record functions. Also included is Manager lite, to control the Bee8 from a Windows computer

USB3.0 port gives you the flexibility to redundantly record onto a flash drive or external USB hard drive, as well as download previously recorded content

MP4 file format ensures playback on all available media players

Monitor content live and in playback from HDMI output( with audio HDMI embed audio) for compatibility with all video monitors available today

Unattended FTP file transfer

Simultaneously live stream content by RTSP and RTMP streams

Powerpoint switch function automatically displays presentation content from input 5 full screen for a predetermined duration, then switches back to the selected montage.

Powerpoint push sends presentation content from input 5 to up to 40 mobile devices simply by scanning an appliance

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