Reach Media Center Pro™


Live streaming on portable devices

With the latest HTML5 technology, Media Center supports iOS&Android smart phone and tablet receive live streaming with 1 video and 1 audio.

Video on demand on portable devices

With the latest HTML5 technology, Media Center supports iOS&Andriod smart phone and tablet VOD with 1 video & 1 JPEG view & 1 audio.

Management and allocation of device resources

Manages multiple Bee 3 & Bee 8&Bee9 plus&Cl560&REX devices in a centralized manner. This function supports the configuration, operation, and maintenance of the device and allocate device resources by classrooms. In addition, it supports manual control of recording and configuration of recording schedule.

User management

Manages all kinds of users in the organization, including teachers, students, administrators, and   IT personnel. This function assigns different system privileges to different users and supports data synchronization among Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) users.

File opening and ending settings

Add the suitable pictures as opening and ending before the recording task, and set the character size and color for course name, lecturer and date.

File editing

Enables users to edit files through servers, so that users are not required to download files to the local for editing and upload the edited file for release.

File management and release

Manages files by types and assigns different access rights to different users. This function enables users to release files to the platform of the media center. In addition, this system supports RSS for release notifications. The files are accessible from windows PC, MAC computer,and mobile devices.

Portal function

Provides users with a portal page, allowing users to access their own resources through a unified interface. The portal page supports the content management system (CMS) so that schools can customize the portal page as needed.

Workflow management

Supports the scheduled recording, server-based file editing, and different file release modes (direct release or release after the verification of the Course Manager).The work flow is simple and adjustable as needed.

Data statistics

Displays the statistics about on-line users, streaming users, and video playing rates.



OS and Minimum Hardware Requirements

Linux (CentOS 7.4) X86 architecture
CPU: Intel Quad-core processor RAM: 4GB
Storage: 1TB
Network interface card: 1000Mbps

Capture Device Management

Setting and configurations of Bee 3plus & Bee 8 ,Bee9 plus,Cl560,REX etc
Record operating control

Schedule Management

Single schedule and cycle schedule by day, week, month
Supports schedule table by importing Excel file

Content Management

File group management
Video access by individual user and group
Supports search file by metadata
Supports 3rd party media files upload (mp4, avi, wmv, asf, mkv, flv, 3gp, ts file.)


Supports bookmark, viewers can find the key point easily


Cut, delete stream and merge
Modify file info

User Management

Supports user group management
Defines system privileges by individual user and group
Supports LDAP

Portal Page

Supports CMS (Content Management System) Supports portal page customizing by institute


Publishes to Media Center portal page Supports publish control by course manager


Playback on Windows and Mac computers
Web browser support: IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari Playback on iOS and Android mobile devices (HTML5)

Streaming Capabilities

Supports live streaming and video play on-demand both on PC, Mac and portable devices
Supports 1000 ways @384kbps

System Function

System log
Warning notification Video playing statistics Email notification


Supports iSCSI network storage Supports RAID

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