Media master -Bee9 plus

The Media master Bee9 plus combining a variety of capabilities:

An AV encoding and recoding with simultaneous HDMI and IP streaming, a six input HD video switcher, a 8 x 8 cross-point audio matrix mixer/ switcher with acoustic echo cancellation

(AEC), and a browser- based user interface for programming, control and remote management.

All in one AV applicance with live streaming, video interactive and video auto tracking and swithcing

The Media master Bee9 plus is perfect for small, medium and large venues such as classrooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and houses of worship

High light

All in one system

Rear Panel

Top highlights of Bee9 plus

Ø 6 HD video sources capture and record simultaneously, video switch live,Up to 5-input sources capturing and 6 synchronized recording videos,

Ø 4K resolution sources simultaneously input via IP connection

Ø Video intercom, Point to point or point to muti-point video interactive via SIP protocol

Ø Video auto tracking base on High speed 4 K image cut and analysis,Motion detection

Ø RTMP & RTSP &HTTP streaming

Ø Built-in hard disk (4TB) &flash drive &network storage support

Ø Web-based back stage management

Ø HTML5 and flash live stream and playback

Ø Audio matrix mixer/ switcher with acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), a browser- based user interface for programming, control and remote management,8-channel audio input mixing, echo suppression, smart noise reduction

Typically application of Bee9 plus

Use for lecture capture with presenter tracking, live event production or connect to video collaboration services for distance learning

Enhance the learning experience by bringing multimedia into the classroom

Simple touch-screen interface is easy for professors to use

Eliminate need for operators and automate presentations with AMX or Creston triggers and control sensors

One 4K camera capture and output 2 videos

Video intercom between Bee9 plus or Works with 3rd VC system

Dual outputs

Interactive teaching & learning

Four videos scenes

Work flow

Case share

• SUTD, Singapore

• Nanyang Technology University of Singapore

• National University of Singapore

• Victoria Junior College, Singapore

• SGH Postgraduate Medical Institute, Singapore

• MeeToh School, Singapore

• Temasek Poly School, Singapore

• Dazhong School, Singapore

• BCA Academy, Singapore

• Tampines Primary School, Singapore

• Sembawang Primary School, Singapore

• Damai Primary School, Singapore

• Nan Chiau Primary School, Singapore

• TanjongKatong Secondary School, Singapore

• Damai Secondary School, Singapore

• Commonwealth Secondary School, Singapore

• Charles Sturt University, Australia

• Murdoch University (Vet Surgery),Australia

• University of WA (Psychology Department),Australia

• Royal College Anesthetists (Victoria),Australia

• Bocconi University, Italy

• University of Parma, Italy

• Universitaet Erlangen-Nuenberg, Germany

• UAB, Spain

• Universidad de Deusto, Spain

• TsungTsin Primary School, Hong Kong

• HKU Space, Hong Kong

• The University of Hong Kong

• The iCon Education, Hong Kong

• HKU Libraries, Hong Kong

• CCC Chuen Yuen College, Hong Kong

• ASUM, Macao

• Peking University, China

• Tsinghua University, China

• Southern Medical University, China

• T.W.G.Hs Li KaShing College, Hong Kong

• Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

• Tokyo University, Japan

• Okayama University, Japan

• University of Incheon, Korea

• Sejong University, Korea

• Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand

• Noida University, India

• Hungkuang University, Taiwan

• Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan

• Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

• Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

• Yilan Network education center, Taiwan

• National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

• Asia University, Taiwan

• National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan

• National TsingHua University, Taiwan

• HungKuang University, Taiwan

• Lingnan University, Hong Kong

• PuiTakCanossian Primary School, Hong Kong

• The Open University of Hong Kong

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