Support the HDMI signal input


    HDMI input signal adaptive


    HDMI built-in audio de-embedded


    2 SDI loop out


    SDI audio embedded output


Product REA1021
HDMI video input Input signal Standard HDMI
  Connector HDMI
  Bit rate 135Mbps~2.25Gbps
  Amplitude 800mV±10%
  Impedance 100Ω
SDI video output Output signal SDI signal
  Connector BNC
  Bit rate 270Mbps~2.97Gbps
  Amplitude 800mV±10%(75Ω)
  Impedance 75Ω
Common parameters Operating voltage DC 6-12V
  Power Consumption <3W
  Host size 98*80*26mm
  Weight 0.3KG
  Working temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃, no condensation

Produce Interface

No Component
1 HDMI input
2 DC 6V-12V
3 SDI output 1
4 SDI output 2
5 LED indicator (PG: Power, LINK: signal connection indication)


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