Product name Joystick Controller KT-100
Color Black & White
Dimensions 290x180x50 mm without joystick (L x W x H)
290x180x115 mm with joystick
Weight 1.7KG (net weight), 2.46KG with package
Power consumption 24W
Power Adapter DC 12V

Product Interface

No Description
1 “AE Auto”, Automatic Exposure Mode
“-BRIGHT+”, Brightness priority Button
“-IRIS+”, Aperture priority aperture dial button
2 “CAMERA”, Camera channel button (1-5)
3 Keyboard display
4 Keyboard light for TX and RX
5 “WBC MODE”, Auto white balance mode selection
“R” red gain, “B” blue gain
6 “CAMERA OSD”, camera manual setting
7 “MENU”, Menu of Joystick
8 “PRESET”, Set presets
9 “ADD”, Change camera ID
10 “ZOOM” Focal adjustment, “TELE” Far focusing, “WIDE” Near focusing
11 “RESET”, Delete presets
12 “AUTO” auto focus
Manual focusing, left NEAR focusing proximal, right FAR focusing distal.
13 “PTZ/ZOOM SPEED”, change the control speed of camera
14 “POSITION”, 1-10 digital keys, preset settings, call, delete keys
15 Control joystick, Joystick used to tilt the camera pan tilt and lens focus of the operation, select the camera you want to control the joystick to achieve control.

No Description
1 Tally signal output/Upgrade
2 Camera control channel(CH1-CH5)
3 RS422/RS485 interface
4 Dial switch area
5 DC 12V input
6 Power switch

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