Operating Platform Windows 2000/XP, Windows 7
Communication Port USB 2.0
Dimensions 355x150x155 mm (Length x Width x Height )
13.98” x5.90” x6.10”
Weight 1.89KG (with power supply)
Temperature Operating:  -10℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity 30%~ 90% (without condensation)
Power consumption 2.7W
Power Adapter DC12V/1000mA

Keyboard Panel


No. Item Description
1 Record Control Start/Pause/Stop button for recording
2 Signal Preview and Switch Three blank keys reserved, can switch different signal image to preview between all 7 signals.
3 Six Axis Joystick (with signal switch button) Camera PTZ control and output signal switching
4 Directing Mode Switch Switch mode between Auto, Manual and semi-automatic
5 Volume Control Volume control if connected audio processor
6 Layout Setting Layout setting for output video
7 Preset Setting Presets setting and call out the preset

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