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Audio input function

Support 12 microphone input, 1 XLR microphone input and 4 line input.

Can make the pickup distance of ordinary microphone increased to 2.5m~5.0m.

Using the latest digital treatment technology, has strong noise suppression ability.

Support intelligent audio mixing function. Aim at the 12 path microphone input, can support 12 choose 1 automatic mixing function.

Support wireless microphone input. When the wireless microphone signals have audio input, 12 path microphone input automatically shut down.

Audio output function

Supports 2 channel audio signals output.

Support connect with recording equipment, which can as the audio signal input.

Support connect with power amplifier audio equipment, also support connect with audio equipment of none-power amplifier.

Operating and control function

TAP8000 is configured with a control software. The control software can control and regulate the output and input on the audio signals,

Can adjust the volume of audio signals on 13 path microphone input and 4 path line input.

Can regulate the mixing volume of 12 path microphone input.

Can adjust the volume of audio output with power amplifier.

Support adjust the High and bass of microphone.

Support open or close the environmental noise reduction.

If open the "one to two" function, TAP8000 supports simultaneously connect with two wireless microphone (2.4G).

Support open or close the "normally open" function on microphone input 1. If it has been opened, the microphone input 1 do not participate in the intelligent mixing with other microphone input.


System LINUX CentOS6.4
Live streaming Supporting 50 users, can be upgrade to 500 users @512Kbps
VOD Supporting 50 users, can be upgrade to 500 users @512Kbps
Video Supporting H.264 High Profile coding
Supporting recoding formats of CIF, 4CIF, 720p and 1080p
Content Management WEB operation interface
System functions Remote upgrade 
System log
LDAP synchronization support
Multiple user permission options
File level access privileged distribution
User group level access privileged distribution
Support 3rd party media files upload(mp4,avi,wmv,asf,mkv,flv,3gp,ts file.)
Storage Support 3rd party network storage, including IP SAN and NAS.
Languages Simplified/Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean

Front Panel

No. Component Statement
1 Power switch Power on and power off
2 Power Power LED
3 L-SIGNAL left channel LED
4 R-SIGNAL Right channel LED

Rear Panel

No. Component Statement
1 MIC1-12  12 MIC input
2 MIC13 XLR microphone input
3 LINE1-4 4 LINE input
4 OUT1-2 2 LINE output
5 ANT Wireless microphone antenna (2.4G)
6 PWR AC 220V 50HZ
7 SPEAKERS LINE output (power amplifier, connect to 4Ω~16Ω speakers)
8 RS 232 serial communication port

Assumption diagram

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