Low latency


    Easy connect


    High quality of pickup


    Combine Dante Controller application to control


Model DMIC
Input interface RJ45 Network Caron plug
Cable type Cat-5 or higher
Frequency response 20 Hz- 20k Hz
Gain adjustment 4 levels (30db, 27 db, 24db, 21db )
Input impedance 2.2kΩ
Maximum input level 0dBu @ + 20 db Gain
SNR 65 dB, 1kHz @ 1 Pa
Power PoE supply, 2.3W
Version Common Superior
Phantom power 48V 48V
Frequency Response 30Hz-20kHz 30Hz-20kHz
Transformation mode Capacitance Capacitance
Interface Caron Caron
Output Balance Balance
Direction Property Ultra-cardioid Heart-shaped single directivity
Sensitivity -40dB -39dB
SNR 65 dB 70dB
Dynamic range 109 dB1KHz 115dB1KHz
Maximum input 138dB SP 139dB SP
Output impedance 200Ω 250Ω
Length 50 cm 34cm
Filter none 80 Hz, 18dB/octave


This device transmits audio signal and be supplied through single network cable, therefore it needs to connect the switch or other routing device that includes PoE power supply function. And use the cable which standard is CAT5E or higher. (Notice: Dante cannot work in the only wifi connection environment, we must depend on the secure and reliable cable network environment to transmit the perfect audio.)

After connecting the power, press the switch button, the red indicate light will flash, and start to receive the audio, press the switch button again the indicate light will be off and the device will mute. The new network Mic is required to do route matching with input and output signals of Dante network through software.

Software control

After the Mic connect with Dante network, it needs to configure the signal route through software for outputting its audio signal. Start the Dante Controller, it can automatically scan all the Dante devices in the network, and will choose the row of input with line of output on the Routing page to do the auto-matching.

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