Model TAP2000
Frequency response
(20Hz~20KHz @ +4dBu)
Microphone channel +0/-2dB
Line in channel +0/-0.5dB
(1KHz @ +4dBu)
Microphone channel < 0.009%
Line in channel < 0.007%
Equivalent noise
(20Hz~20KHz,22dB gain )
< -84dBu
Dynamic Range
(20Hz~20KHz, 0dB):
> 105dB
Maximum input level: Microphone channel -2dBu
Line in channel 20dBu
Maximum output level
Maximum gain Microphone channel 50dB
Line in channel 0dB
Input impedance Microphone channel 330 ohm
Line in channel 20 Kilohm
Output impedance 400 ohm
Sampling Rate 48KHZ
A/D-D/A Converter 24 bit
Phantom Power +48 VDC

Front panel&Rear panel

Front panel statement

No. Component Statement
1 POWER Power lights, remains lit after power turned on.
2 RUN Running lights, slow flash indicates normal operation.
3 SPK SPK line output gain adjustment
4 REC REC line output gain adjustment
No. Connector Statement
1 MIC IN Remote microphone input
2 AUDIO IN 2 line input(left and right channel), usually connect to a local audio input, such as DVD, notebook and others.
3 SPK 2 line output(left and right channel), usually connect to an external amplifier or powered speakers, to play the remote audio and local audio.
4 REC Intelligent audio mixing output from 2 microphones and local sources (Audio In), usually connect to recording system.
5 DC-12V Power Input
6 POWER Power Switch

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ACM7: Remote Ceiling pickup microphone


Model ACM7
Pickup Permanently polarized condenser pickup
Directivity characteristics Omni directional
Frequency response 50~20,000 Hz
Sensitivity -37 DB, 1KHZ to 1V in 1Pa
impedance 200 ohms
Maximum SPL 120dB sound pressure, 1KHz
Dynamic Range 105 dB, 1 KHz at the highest sound pressure
SNR (A-weighted) 70 dB, 1 KHz at 1Pa
Power POE
Output connector RJ45 Ethernet port
Appearance Cylinder (diameter: 80MM, height: 48MM)


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